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Secret Disk 3.17

Creates invisible password protected invisible disk on your PC
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We all have files or folders that want to be protected from other users, such as private photos or files, or folders containing important documents. This program allows you to create a new, password-protected partition where you can store all these sensitive files and folders. When you install the program, it asks you to type a PIN code for accessing it in future sessions. Please note that this PIN gives you access to the program only, and not to your secret partition.

Once you have installed the program, a window showing you the secret disk. By default, it is tagged as Z. You can click on its icon to change this tag and give it a name. Also, you can set a password or choose a new one (if you have been using the program). The disk will be opened and you will see it in your computer's file explorer. There, you can add the files and folders you want to hide. When you co back to the program's interface, you can close your disk and it will become invisible for all users. To use your secret disk again, you must open the program, enter your PIN and click on the disk's icon. It is a very simple process.

The free version allows you to create only one secret partition. Also, its size is limited to 2 GB. There is a Pro, paid-based version that does not have these limitations and includes some other advantages.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The installation file is small and can be downloaded in seconds
  • The program is useful for hiding private and/or sensitive files


  • In the free version, you can add only one secret disk
  • The maximum space allowed in the free version is of 2GB
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