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Creates a password-protect hidden drive on the user's PC
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Keeps your private files and folders away from those who aren't supposed to see them by not only protecting them with a password but also by putting them out of site on an invisible partition. The concealed drive will stay hidden from the file explorer, being visible only through the tool itself.

Secret Disk is a program that gives you a quick solution for concealing your private documents and folders on a Windows PC. This type of utilities proves to be of good use if you share your computer with other users and wish to hide your personal data from prying eyes.

Before using Secret Disk, you first need to enter a PIN code (used for accessing the program's interface and unlocking the hidden volume) and a valid email address. The reason why you need to enter your email account address is that the developer will offer you assistance via email if you forget the PIN code and wish to recover it.

The tool enables you to create a new partition on your computer where you can store the data you wish to conceal and that can be hidden whenever you like, with just a few clicks. You can add and remove data from the volume in question by using Windows' File Explorer.

Some important features include the program's ability to turn off your PC if someone enters the wrong PIN code and the fact that it lets you know if another user attempted to access the hidden partition.

A thing I'd like to see in future versions would be an option to define global hotkeys for immediately revealing and hiding the partition. It would be a lot quicker and easier than the current method, which is launching the utility, entering the PIN code, etc.

Still, Secret Disk is a reliable and cheap solution for hiding your private data. It's easy-to-use and works flawlessly.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Localized in various languages
  • Lets you know if another user attempted to access the hidden partition
  • Has an option to turn off your PC if you enter the wrong PIN code
  • Communicates well with Windows' File Explorer


  • Lacks an option to define global hotkeys for revealing and hiding partition
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